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Julia Stowell

04 Dec 2015

Is there a benefit to marketing to internal customers?

Most companies think of their marketing as a way to connect with customers. But in B2B, there are many people involved in buying and selling who aren't customers. Think of all...

22 May 2014

3 tips for getting your company onto Wikipedia

Ever notice that the Wikipedia entry for a search term is usually one of the first results when using Google? It's not a coincidence - Wikipedia ranks very highly for SEO. Cou...

04 Mar 2014

What takes a leader from ‘Good to Great’?

What do you need to do to become a more effective leader and take your company to the next level in 2014? Marketing Director Julia Stowell recaps some of the important learnin...

07 Jan 2014

Top Themes in B2B Marketing for 2014

Have you developed a clear, concise and targeted marketing plan for 2014? Have you considered which tactics you will use, developed a calendar or set a budget? Marketing Direc...

15 May 2013

Free Digital Marketing Tips For Your Local Services Business

Local business owners often find it challenging to dedicate time and money to marketing. Taking advantage of digital opportunities is a great avenue for those who want to mark...