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03 Mar 2020
Brand | 3 min read

Does Everyone Think The Wrong Thing About You? It's Time to Re-Position.

Every company strives to be known and to have a positive reputation. Having a strong and recognized brand is a valuable asset that helps a company boost its revenue and profit...

30 Oct 2018

Should You Outsource Your Marketing or Do It In-House?  [Quiz]

Deciding whether to develop an in-house marketing team or to outsource marketing can be a tough decision, especially for business-to-business (B2B) companies with less than $2...

05 Nov 2015

Announcing Our First Ask Me Anything!

  Have you heard the term AMA lately?  Yes, it’s a popular acronym that stands for a variety of entities, from American Marketing Association to Alberta Motor Association to A...

22 Oct 2015

3 Marketing Companies To Avoid If You Want To Improve Sales And Not ‘Be Tortured’

What’s the number one reason that a business hires a marketing company? In my experience, it’s to improve sales. Often we hear from companies that say they have intermediary g...

02 Sep 2015

A Surprising Secret Of Success For Marketing Companies

This is lesson number nine from Lisa Shepherd’s new book on B2B marketing, The Radical Sales Shift. The lesson reveals a secret of success for marketing companies and marketin...

26 Aug 2015
| 2 min read

Do you know the difference between sales and marketing?

When it comes to business to business companies, marketing and sales are usually intertwined – some companies even use the terms ‘sales’ and ‘marketing’ interchangeably, or in...

30 Jul 2015

Before You Call A Marketing Consultant

It’s that time of year again. You know, when you’re thinking about your marketing efforts of the past year, and wondering if some outside help is the best way to get your mark...

13 Jul 2015

Deadly Sin of Marketing #1: Lacking a Marketing Strategy and Plan

Whether it’s planning a vacation, driving to work or buying a new home, you always need a plan. B2B marketing is no different. It's fun to do marketing activities - but it's e...

30 Mar 2015

Make one budget change to avoid product launch failure

Did you know that the global success rate of new product launches is 4%? A whopping 96% of new product launches fail, often immediately. How can companies avoid product launch...

18 Feb 2014

The Mezzanine approach to customer contact

How well do you know your clients? Do you know what they like to do outside of work? How about their favourite vacation spot? While these might seem like trivial details, thes...