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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on August 29, 2013

Google+ has introduced exciting functionality that any B2B business could profit from – so why is it that so few businesses use it? They just don’t know about it! Learn some insider tips and tricks from us.

Google+ made a name for itself as the quickest-growing social media platform back in 2011/2012, but have you given it a second thought since signing up? The answer for most people: a resounding "no". The oft-overlooked social media site may not have taken off as Google had hoped, however particularly due to the rise of Android, our bets are on it being the sleeper hit of 2014. The benefits are particularly notable for small businesses, however key features – such as Communities, Hangouts and Circles - can deliver a serious impact for just about any B2B company.

Increase Awareness with Google+ Communities

‘Communities’ was originally designed to create a space where like-minded individuals could discover one another online and engage in sharing content, chatting or simply posting information. This has transformed into a fantastic space for B2B, as the number of company and organization pages increases by the minute. These communities are spilling over with businesses seeking expertise in certain niches – and the beauty of Google+ is that it allows for easy two-way communication! Sharing videos, photos, website links, documents and even video chatting is just a mouse-click away. This allows the usual digital ‘back-seat passengers’ – the individuals who will browse your site but never contact you - to easily engage without any sense of formality.

Organize your Contacts with Circles & Get More In-depth with Hangouts

Carving out a space for your B2B prospects has never been easier. The days of travelling long distances or even setting up complicated (and sometimes expensive) video conferences to meet with potential clients are over. Contacts on Google+ are organized into Circles; each contact can be put in as many Circles as you like, and they are none the wiser as to which Circles you have grouped them in. For example, you might want to include a contact in your ‘Potential Client’ Circle, as well as your ‘Pharmaceuticals’ Circle. This allows you to keep the status, as well as the specific industry, of your leads organized. Once your Circles organized, simply choose which Circle you would like to start a Hangout with, and begin a group video chat or send a message!

Target your Posts with Circles

How many times have you seen pictures of your co-worker’s cat on Facebook? And how about the ‘great deal’ on Motorcycle Training Sessions that your highschool friend keeps posting? You’re allergic to cats and aren’t a motorcyclist, so why are you receiving all of this content? Circles is the solution to your frustration – particularly from a business perspective. It is critical to your business that you get pertinent information out to the correct group of people, and doing so is a breeze with Circles. When creating a post on your business’ Google+ page, simply choose which Circle will be able to see the post. For example, if you are posting a White Paper on your insights into B2B marketing for pharmaceutical companies, you might want to make it available to your ‘Pharmaceuticals’ Circle, allowing the rest of your contacts to remain unbothered with irrelevant information. Genius, no?

Overall, there are two main benefits to Google+ to keep in mind:

  1. facilitating discovery of your target segments by using pre-existing Communities
  2. creating sustained interest in your business by targeting the right contacts with the right information through Circles and Hangouts

Metaphorically speaking, Communities is where the good ol’ meet-and-greet occurs, while Hangouts is where the pitches and deals get done. By utilizing these tools effectively, businesses will be able to optimize their digital presence and increase lead generation with little expenditure and effort.

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