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Written by The Mezzanine Group
on August 18, 2008

Last week, we ventured to the movie theatre to watch one of the latest summer flicks, Iron Man. Great movie! Lousy experience. We typically watch movies at the AMC down the street from us, but, on this occasion we had some passes for Cineplex Odeon. What we didn’t realize, given that we rarely go to the movies, was that not all Cineplex Odeon theaters were created equal. The ‘luxuries’ we had grown accustomed to and valued at AMC – stadium seating with comfortable seats, excellent picture quality, and surround sound were nowhere to be found at the Cineplex Odeon theatre. These attributes have set the bar and become the standard for a movie goers’ experience. So, needless to say, when we walked into the darkened theatre and realized we were about to watch an action movie on what seemed to be a screen the size of our HDTV at home, with what sounded like one speaker in the front, no base, no woofers, and no volume… we said no way. With less than 5 minutes to go before the movie started at AMC we promptly turned around, refunded our tickets at Cineplex Odeon and high tailed it back to our tried and true AMC. We ultimately had to find a use for our Cineplex Odeon movie passes but when we did, we made sure we researched their theatres to find a newer location which had our basics.

When a customer switches to your brand to try out your service/product do you capitalize on the opportunity and exceed their expectations? Or do you let them down? For service based businesses trying to build or maintain their brand is an important concept. Our experience clearly demonstrated that leaving older models/versions of an item in market can hurt your brand in the eyes of the customer – as it did with Cineplex Odeon for us. Maintaining consistency of service and experience across outlets is essential for building your brand. While it’s challenging to manage the people and processes in a service based business, it’s easier (however may be costly) to maintain physical structures. How many of your customers have had a lousy experience at one of your outlets due to the physical structure, left and have vowed never to return? For Cineplex Odeon – I know of at least two.

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