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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on June 19, 2017


Social media platforms are evolving at a rapid rate and as a result, the social media marketer must also evolve to keep up. Even more pressing is the fact that these social media platforms are constantly updating their algorithms so that users see the posts most relevant to them at the top, pushing company posts further down the timeline. As a result, marketers put much more effort into tailoring their marketing messaging for their target audiences.



Dump Promotional Language

Social media users are no longer attracted to promotional language like “Buy now.” Instead talk about yourself and your company. Talk about where you get your inspiration and other topics that would be of interest to your followers. Add emotion to your posts, perhaps in the form of your company’s charity and social responsibility. Add imagination to your posts through  showcasing your unique company culture. These will help you to stand out from the crowd.

Pay Up

Organic visibility is declining. Many social media platforms are applying algorithms that order the posts that users see in accordance with their interests and things they have engaged with (i.e. liked, shared, clicked or commented on) in the past. As a result, it may be time to start paying for ads. Paying for ads will bring you back up to the top ensuring clicks from not only your followers but a targeted demographic.

Is Twitter Over?

Twitter has been on the decline for several years, with many predicting their impending death. Twitter has over 1.3 billion accounts but only 320 million of them are active, a huge discrepancy. Trends in 2017 have been leaning toward users wanting more content with more detail rather than a short blurb of 140 characters. Soon the time may come to hang up our Twitter fingers and perhaps focus more on the platforms that support more robust content like LinkedIn and YouTube.

Videos! Videos! Videos!

Video is still the most effective social media tool as visual content is 40 times more likely to be shared on social media than other types. Find out more about the power of video marketing in our past blog. Many platforms are turning to live streaming, which is predicted to become huge throughout 2017. It’s a great way to stand out in an already overcrowded social media space. What can you do to promote your business in a streamed live video? Facility tour? How to? Q&A? Think about it.

Narrow Your Focus

It seems that every few years a new crazy social media platform emerges and everyone scrambles to become a part of it. However, in the way social media is evolving many companies have taken to narrowing their focus rather than spreading their attention too thin over too many social media platforms. Especially in the business to business sphere, it is more beneficial to find the social media platforms that work well for you and your business and focus on making those platforms the very best they can be.

Need some help with your social media strategy? Find out what to post and how often in our past blog. Or find out how we can evolve your social media platforms by contacting us today.


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