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Taking Care Of Business By Outsourcing Lead Generation

Taking Care Of Business By Outsourcing Lead Generation

The future awaits for your business-to-business (B2B) company. Is it time to grow your toolbox and take advantage of the expertise and insights of an experienced lead generation partner without taking on more permanent staff? 


Lead generation is a complex and time consuming process for those who don’t do it regularly. It can quickly become technical and overwhelming for marketers who don’t routinely do this work. For those that know the ins and outs of lead generation, the process can be customized and automated for quick and effective results, giving companies more actionable results, faster. Outsourcing these key but time-limited opportunities, could save you significant time, money and effort.

If you’re wondering if outsourcing lead generation is right for your B2B business, check out the following  reasons why you could benefit from this expertise.


Access to Broader Range of Experience

Does your marketing team already have all the skills and tech experience you want or need for inbound and outbound lead generation? Are your digital marketing, events, sales enablement or content development getting you the results you expect? If you have a limited budget, hiring a full-time person for lead generation may not be the way to go. Outsourcing some, or all of these functions may make better sense than having your marketing team spread themselves thin in multiple areas.  

Outsourced lead generation gives you access to a broader team of people with specific knowledge in the variety of skills needed to make lead generation work efficiently. This saves you time and money by avoiding hiring multiple in-house people and gives you fast, dedicated experience where you need it most.


Help in Identifying the Right Lead Generation Tactics

Generating leads in a modern world needs a multi-pronged approach. From digital advertising and social media, to tradeshows, speaking events and direct mail, B2B companies need to use all or a few of these tactics. Not every company does it well. This is where an expert team with proven experience and processes can get the job done.

Consider outsourced lead generation as a friendly partner who helps you identify and set up the best opportunities for your company to grow your business, without the long term commitment. Companies without significant lead generation experience may not know what tactics to fully embrace or which to abandon. Not every opportunity needs to be acted on, use only those that will be effective in your circumstance. If you don’t know what, or how to use a tactic, skip the guessing game and outsource to an experienced and diversified lead generation partner. They’ll be faster at determining the best channels and messages to test, avoiding internal trial and error processes.  


Staying Within a Limited Budget

It’s not uncommon for companies to struggle with spending money on communications tactics that aren’t generating results. For many B2B companies, ineffective lead generation can drag on for months or years and be caused by various issues – from lack of strategic alignment between the tactics and business strategy, to weak execution. 

In contrast, outsourced lead generation companies are experts at staying laser-focused on measurable and identifiable results. By setting limits on resource expenditure and time in advance, B2B companies can expect achievable results and the lead generation team has a plan to work toward.



Outsourcing is ideal for ensuring you only pay for and use the services you need. Do you already have a marketing director with a vision, but need tactics and hands to make it come alive? Outsourcing only what you need, when you need it, could be the key to getting better results for your limited budget and consistently growing your pipeline. 


Trusted Senior Experience

Companies thrive when their sales and business strategy aligns with a well planned marketing and lead generation strategy. The problem is, that developing an effective lead generation strategy is a senior skill, rarely possessed by a new (and less expensive) marketer. It’s also a skill that is only needed for a short period of time.

Once the plan is developed and established by an experienced person, the focus can shift to the people who can execute on the agreed upon tactics.  Outsourcing gives your company the ability to get the expertise it needs, when it needs it – and only then, rather than paying for more than you need. 


For every reason B2B companies have to hire a lead generation partner, there are myths about outsourcing that just don’t add up in today’s economy. Knowing what path to take and what road to travel can make all the difference when planning your B2B companies' next steps. 

If you’re considering outsourcing your B2B company’s lead generation program, download our guide to:

Choosing the Right Lead Generation Partner

It’ll give you invaluable tips on what questions to ask, how to get started and what to expect. 

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