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05 Feb 2018
B2B Marketing Strategy | 2 min read

Stop suffering from marketing anxiety

Marketing anxiety is the feeling of worry and fear that can overtake you during the planning phase of a new strategy or campaign and early in implementation where you wonder i...

29 Jan 2018
B2B Marketing Strategy | 3 min read

Lesson #4: It's all about the customer

READY, AIM FOCUS! What if I told you to stop trying to reach every potential customer with your marketing – to limit your scope and narrow your focus? Sounds crazy, right? But...

22 Jan 2018
B2B Marketing Strategy | 6 min read

5 Reasons To Add Video To Your B2B Marketing Now

W ould you believe that by 2022,  80% of internet traffic will be streaming video content? Videos are more important now than ever before as a B2B marketing tool. And YouTube ...

15 Jan 2018
B2B Marketing Strategy | 4 min read

B2B Marketing Trends to Consider in 2018

Each year we look forward to delivering our predictions for the marketing trends that we think will take off and become the new normal 12 months later.  Last year our predicti...

08 Jan 2018
B2B Marketing Strategy | 3 min read

Lesson #3: Good marketing supports the strategy of the business

WHY You can’t have one without the other   You can’t market strategically until you have your business strategy in place, period. Successful B2B companies understand that stra...

02 Jan 2018
B2B Marketing Strategy | 4 min read

Use what's in your head: why thought leadership beats promotion every time

Some B2B leaders are shying away from thought leadership marketing because they see it as a form of promotion: something that doesn’t apply (or necessarily appeal) to their en...

18 Dec 2017
B2B Marketing Strategy | 4 min read

LESSON #2: Strategic Marketing Isn’t About Pictures and Colours

Getting to Know The 4 Functions of Strategic B2B Marketing When people think about marketing in B2B companies, many assume it’s all about the color of the logo or the design o...

27 Nov 2017

The Difference Between Business Strategy And Marketing Strategy, And Why It’s Important To Know

Your business strategy and marketing strategy are two different plans. Both are essential to the success of your business. But many people, even long-time business leaders, ar...

13 Nov 2017

7 Questions about B2B Marketing Book 'Walking on the Moon'

Mezzanine’s founder Lisa Shepherd has just released her third book called “Walking on the Moon”, a business fable about a fictional company called ClinTek that is struggling t...

30 Oct 2017

How often should I redesign my website?

Often when I talk to clients about updating their website they say, ‘but we just updated it’.  And of course, ‘just’ means something different to everyone.  The reality is the...