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27 Mar 2014

Turning New Clients Into Engaged Customers

The three steps to moving new customers from acquisition to activation.

06 Mar 2014

Video: Mezzanine's Marketing Department Service

Not sure what our B2B marketing department service is? Or if outsourcing your marketing is the right move for your company?

04 Mar 2014

What takes a leader from ‘Good to Great’?

What do you need to do to become a more effective leader and take your company to the next level in 2014? Marketing Director Julia Stowell recaps some of the important learnin...

18 Feb 2014

The Mezzanine approach to customer contact

How well do you know your clients? Do you know what they like to do outside of work? How about their favourite vacation spot? While these might seem like trivial details, thes...

11 Feb 2014

4 Tips to Developing Solid Customer Relationships

Do you have a standardized client feedback process in place? Do you have regular touchpoints to ensure your company is providing superior service? Marketing Director Tania Sta...

30 Jan 2014

The best way for services companies to market themselves

When did you last review your business services unique value proposition? Research Manager Colleen Cronin explains why all service companies require a UVP, and why it is still...

07 Jan 2014

Top Themes in B2B Marketing for 2014

Have you developed a clear, concise and targeted marketing plan for 2014? Have you considered which tactics you will use, developed a calendar or set a budget? Marketing Direc...

29 Oct 2013

3 Powerful Productivity Tools to Help You Get More Done

Cheap—or free—software that can make you a more productive business owner

19 Sep 2013

How government funding can boost your marketing

The 2013 Economic Action Plan proposed $920M in funding over the next five years to help small and mid-sized companies grow. There are many programs available, and many of the...

24 May 2013

The Customer Experience – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

The competitive challenge for business owners today has never been greater. Competitors match price, technology and product/service offers instantly. When customers buy your p...