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25 Feb 2020

How Many Times Should You 'Touch' Your Prospect, Without Harassing Them?

Everybody is dealing with information overload these days. The average person in North America gets 5,000 - 30,000 brand messages a day - from billboards to radio to emails to...

04 Mar 2019

Where Are All The Great B2B Marketers?

According to Forrester,  a million B2B salespeople will lose their jobs by 2020. Their roles will be eliminated by the growing legions of buyers who conduct their research and...

10 Sep 2015

Marketing on a shoestring: 4 ways to make it work

This is Lesson Eight from The Radical Sales Shift: Be A Resource Allocation Wizard. Since the launch, we’ve been posting the twenty lessons from the book on the Mezzanine Blog...

02 Sep 2015

A Surprising Secret Of Success For Marketing Companies

This is lesson number nine from Lisa Shepherd’s new book on B2B marketing, The Radical Sales Shift. The lesson reveals a secret of success for marketing companies and marketin...

13 Jul 2015

Deadly Sin of Marketing #1: Lacking a Marketing Strategy and Plan

Whether it’s planning a vacation, driving to work or buying a new home, you always need a plan. B2B marketing is no different. It's fun to do marketing activities - but it's e...

17 Jun 2015

Nuggets from the Podcast of The Radical Sales Shift

Thanks to Robert Gold for interviewing me about The Radical Sales Shift on his podcast.

01 Jun 2015

How To Get Management Buy-In For Marketing

Last week, Mezzanine held its first ever "marketing speed dating" session. It was a huge success, with B2B execs from companies across the GTA taking part in the opportunity t...

19 May 2015

3 Lessons for a Career in B2B Marketing

Thinking of a career as a B2B marketer?  Smart choice.  While there aren't as many B2B marketers as there are consumer marketers, the profession is growing and is full of oppo...

29 Apr 2015

How To Be A Great Business-to-Business (B2B) Marketer

20 B2B marketers share their knowledge. I recently interviewed 20 fantastic Business-to-business (B2B) marketers for my new book, The Radical Sales Shift: 20 Lessons from 20 L...