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Congratulations To These 100 Exceptional Women In B2B!

Congratulations To These 100 Exceptional Women In B2B!

This is Mezzanine’s second year recognizing exceptional women in B2B, and we couldn't be more impressed with the calibre and accomplishments of this year's nominees.

international womens day

Business-to-business is a field where women – and especially senior leaders – are in the minority. As a B2B marketing firm, we encounter significantly fewer women than men, but the women we do work with are consistently stellar, and we want to give them a shout out on International Women's Day.

Last year, we compiled the first Tribute To The Brilliant & Passionate Women In B2B from our own network. This year we wanted to go bigger. So we reached out to our winners from 2020 along with leaders (male and female) of B2B companies to ask them to name their most respected female peers. The response was amazing. 

“They were incredibly enthusiastic about the initiative,” says Lisa Shepherd, President, Mezzanine Growth. “Some of the responses came within minutes of sending the request, and many people wanted to nominate not just one, but several women. It’s been so great to see how excited leaders are to lift up exceptional women in B2B.”

This year’s exceptional women are mentors and trailblazers, forging ahead in often male-dominated fields like manufacturing, energy and mining. They bring their smarts and fresh point of view to make their organizations more profitable, sustainable, equitable and successful. They are changing their industries for the better. 

Join us in celebrating these changemakers, risk-takers, leaders and all-around exceptional women working in B2B right now.

Dawn Abankwah Amy Gottschling  Carrie Lepage Leslie Perkins
Carrie-Lyn Abraham Sara Greco Claire Letendre Abena Perryman
Stacey Adderley  Amrita Gurney Karen Lev Kiki Plytas
Leah Andrew Leanne Hall Carmel Lysak Tracy Primeau 
Anita Baldwinson Karen Hazan Lynn Mahoney Amy Plato Roberts
Katy Bartow Elisa Hidebrandt Denise Manker Cindy Roma
Mic Berman Vanessa Ho Kim Manson Rūta Rudminaitė
Tracy Broad Olivia Hunt  Sarah Marshall Sydney Ryan 
Jessica Calleja Alexis Hur Colleen Martin Pina Sciarra
Connie Carras Katerina Ilievska Jennifer McGill Sejal Sheth
Leslie Carter Carolyn Jolin Lana McGilvray Susan Smart
Julia Cartwright Cassandra Jowett Lisa McGregor-Tarle Julie Anne Smedley
Angela Cope Tara Kelly Denise McIntyre Tracy Staniland
Janet Dalicandro Camille Kennedy Barb McLellan Amanda Steeves
Kathryn DelGreco Cara Kennedy Bernadeen McLeod Danica Topolewski
Leah Dionne Robin Kerbel Leena Minifie Sharon Vinderine
April Dunford Aimee Kessler-Evans Lisete Miranda  Tannis Weinstein
Bonnie Elgie Stephanie King Rina Miyaue Karalyn White
Jen Evans Anita Klimczyk Lisa Molinaro  Laura Williams
Tina Finelli Gayle Kosokowsky Allison Munro Elizabeth Williams
Sylvia Franklin Shannon Langsford Saadia Muzaffar Saga Williams 
Laura Fudge Krista LaRiviere Lorraine Needham Jillian S. Wood
Akie Fung Nattalia Lea Desiree Norwegian Linda Wu-Dunphy
Marie-Josée Gagné Oi Lee Tara Oberman-Resnick Bianca Wylie
Tamara George Tiina Lehtinen Victoria Pelletier Jani Yates


We are honoured to know and to work with these women, and we hope that through this initiative, you can get to know them too and celebrate their success.