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Written by Mezzanine Growth
on September 23, 2021

Toronto, Ontario--(Newsfile Corp. - September 20, 2021) - Cansel (CSE), a provider of productivity solutions for engineering, construction, mining, utilities, forestry and government sectors, have engaged business-to-business marketing firm Mezzanine Growth to help support the company's lead generation efforts.

BuildingPoint Canada, a division of the Cansel Group, has had a relationship with Mezzanine since 2019. The two companies partnered to implement a comprehensive digital marketing and lead generation strategy that helped BuildingPoint move from 50 leads a month to over 500 in less than a year, all with measurable ROI.

That experience demonstrated to BuildingPoint Canada's sister company, Cansel, the opportunity with digital marketing. The Cansel team will now apply a similar strategy at a larger scale to boost lead generation across their national footprint.

"BuildingPoint's positive experience with Mezzanine was a proving ground that demonstrated the impact of digital marketing for our business," says Alain Sirois, Vice President, Cansel. "We can't wait to achieve similar results for Cansel."

The first step to reaching that goal has been HubSpot implementation, which enables a measurable view into how marketing generates opportunities. Cansel's deep Salesforce expertise is also being leveraged to enable them to see and measure revenue impact over time.

"HubSpot and Salesforce give Cansel a precise way to measure the impact of marketing," says Lisa Shepherd, President of Mezzanine Growth. "Without good technology and systems in place, a company cannot measure ROI. And so few companies are running their CRM in a way that's sufficient to get meaningful data. But Cansel has already done the good work of implementing Salesforce, and they use it exceptionally well to manage their sales and manage their business."

Cansel is also looking to Mezzanine to leverage ecommerce opportunities and convert more people to a digital self-serve model. As a result of the pandemic, more and more people are now comfortable making B2B purchases (of all sizes) online. Cansel offers a huge selection of products to multiple industries, and they plan to take advantage of the shift to grow the company's digital sales channels.

"We've loved working with BuildingPoint Canada," says Shepherd. "They're smart, sophisticated business people looking to accomplish great things. We look forward to working with the similarly-minded team at Cansel to attain the same kind of results at an even greater scale."


About Mezzanine
Mezzanine Growth works with senior leaders in manufacturing, construction, agriculture, and technology companies to generate leads and accelerate sales pipelines. We deliver immediate impact through lead generation and marketing programs while developing your processes, people, and technology with our proven framework. Since 2005 Mezzanine's award-winning process has helped over 250 business-to-business companies create powerful growth engines and achieve a 3x return on investment.


About Cansel Group of Companies
For over 50 years Cansel has helped organizations in the engineering, surveying, construction, mining, architecture, manufacturing, printing, utilities, forestry, and government sectors to measure, analyze, design, and build more efficiently and profitably. Cansel's national team of professionals combines software, hardware and services to provide tailored solutions to improve client's workflow, from field to finish.

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