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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on November 05, 2019

In a hectic and dynamic economy, growing your business can be an onerous and time-consuming process. Having the right expertise in your corner may be the key to unlocking success. 

In simple terms, a lead is a business opportunity, one that might turn into a sale of your product or service. Without leads, there are no new partnerships, sales, or growth. You want your business to thrive. This is where an experienced and strategic lead generation partner can offer unique solutions to meet your goals. Imagine the value of a partner who could create interest in your organization and its offerings.


3 tips to help choose lead generation company


Here are three suggestions to consider when selecting a partner in lead generation. A little planning and organization can go a long way to help you identify what is essential to your organization’s success.


1. Look for results-driven expertise

The chance that any business-to-business (B2B) marketing expert will know everything about your enterprise or exactly what you need at the start, is improbable. Each organization is unique and has one-of-a kind needs. However, someone with solid industry expertise and a willingness to learn about your business is one that you don’t want to ignore.

Start by identifying the experts in B2B lead generation; ones who are experienced in generating leads for businesses that only sell to other businesses. Then consider their ability to absorb and adjust strategies specific to your market and your niche customer base. These are the starting points in creating a winning lead generation team.


2. Know the value of a new lead

When searching for a company that offers tailor-made solutions, you can expect pricing to vary. The amount of time required to understand your business and create tools for lead generation will depend on the size of your audience and your projected goals.

Consider the specific needs of your organization, the number and quality of the leads you want, and how valuable they will be. These are the factors that will affect the costs associated with the project. In advance of sourcing vendors, think about how involved you’ll want these partnerships to be and what the scope of the work will include.

Of course, we all want to know what a project will cost up front. But starting with a well-defined scope and clearly communicated goals will allow you to relay organizational needs and control spending.


3. Set realistic timelines

As professionals, we tend to focus on results, sometimes making it a challenge to trust in the process. Realizing sales results from new lead generation can take time. But identifying these opportunities can be much quicker. An effective lead generation partner should be delivering quality results within three months.

To keep the project moving, make it part of your initial plan to meet regularly to evaluate progress. This will allow your lead generation partner to customize or adjust the program along the way to ensure speedy results. Once leads start rolling in, your sales team can start doing what they do best!


How to Get Started

Before you rush out to recruit a new lead generation partner, think about what your relationship might look like. B2B leaders are focused on success, and they want it quickly. Taking the time to choose the right business partners in lead generation can help you to avoid wasting valuable resources and get on the right track.

These considerations are a starting point, a place to begin the process of buying into a B2B lead generation program. Commonly companies focus most on what it will cost, how long the process will take, and what qualifications a potential partner brings to the table. What other factors will your business opt to consider when planning?

Are you interested in learning more about selecting the right B2B lead generation company? Start your consultation process knowing what to prioritize and where to start. Download our comprehensive guide on How to Choose the Right Lead Generation Partner.





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