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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on October 03, 2016

B2B_and_B2C.jpgB2B marketeering is sometimes considered less exciting than marketing to consumers. But it doesn’t have to be this way. By recognizing that businesses sell to people and not other businesses, B2B marketers can steal a page from the B2C marketing playbook and have some fun.

Similar to B2C marketing objectives, it’s important for B2B marketers to build their brand, connect with their customers and ultimately, sell their product or service.


The following B2C tactics can help B2B marketers achieve these objectives:

1. Provide product and pricing information.

B2B marketers shouldn’t be afraid to provide as much product information as they can on their website and in marketing collateral. The buying process has changed – because a majority of purchase decisions are made before prospects even speak to a sales rep, it’s important to provide customers with all the information they want or need. Allowing customers to determine if product price and functionality suits them, leads to better qualified prospects.

2. Use customer reviews and testimonials.

As in the B2C market, B2B customers look to their peers for reviews and recommendations. Help customers feel confident in their buying decision by offering reviews, testimonials and case studies to illustrate challenges customers faced, how your product or service addressed these challenges and the results achieved. 

3. Simplify the buying process.

Create a user friendly buying process. Provide a buyer’s manual that includes feature comparisons and evaluation templates that move customers from the research phase to the buying phase. Simplify pricing and product options by making it obvious which options different types of customers need, so their decision to buy becomes easy.

4. Give something away.

Build buzz and credibility by offering something for free. Consider free trials or free consulting to encourage prospects to try out your product or service. Use contests and giveaways to create experiences customers can’t get elsewhere. Or offer rewards to encourage customers to purchase more or more often.

5. Provide content in smaller segments.

The way we consume content has changed. Customers are looking for quick hits of information. Use videos, infographics, top 10 lists, fun facts, blogs and FAQs to provide content to your customers in smaller and easy to digest segments.

6. Engage and be relatable.

Focusing on the benefits of your product rather than just the functionality, allows you to connect with customers on a human level. Find a balance between being relatable and being professional. Where appropriate, use industry humour your customers can identify with. Above all, connect and inform customers with relevant information that provides genuine value.

Updating old B2B marketing practices by borrowing B2C tactics is one way B2B marketers can build their brand and connect with customers. For more B2B marketing tips and best practices, contact us.

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