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Lisa Shepherd

Lisa Shepherd is founder and principal of The Mezzanine Group, a B2B marketing company with offices in Toronto and Calgary.
19 Oct 2021
B2B Marketing | 7 min read

The Best B2B Marketing Advice I’ve Ever Gotten

We asked our fellow B2B marketing gurus for the best advice they’ve ever received (or given) in their careers, and their answers all had one thing in common: that the best B2B...

01 Jun 2021

Does Your B2B Need a Data Cockpit? 5 Takeaways From McKinsey’s Article on Improving B2B Sales Performance

McKinsey recently published a new Sales & Marketing Insights article called Commercial performance cockpit: A new era for data-driven steering. It’s about how business-to-...

09 Feb 2021

Taking Care Of Business By Outsourcing Lead Generation

The future awaits for your business-to-business (B2B) company. Is it time to grow your toolbox and take advantage of the expertise and insights of an experienced lead generati...

02 Feb 2021

Are You Ruining Your Marketing Budget?

‘Ruining' is a provocative word! It’s full of emotion and anticipated disappointment. It makes you stand up and pay attention. No one intentionally ruins things. Certainly not...

26 Jan 2021

Generating Buzz For An Innovative Technology Company

Bee Vectoring Technologies (BVT) is doing something no one has done before: harnessing nature's hardest workers to deliver biological and environmentally-friendly crop protect...

19 Jan 2021

4 Key Takeaways From CMI's Manufacturing Content Marketing 2020 Report

Every year, the Content Marketing Institute (CMI) conducts an annual marketing survey, looking at how all types of businesses, including manufacturers, are using content to ge...

08 Jan 2021

10 Tips For An Unforgettable Virtual Event

For the time being, IRL events have gone the way of the dodo: right now, we’re all virtual, all the time. But with Zoom fatigue dimming people’s excitement about events, how d...

19 Nov 2020
Lead Generation | 1 min read

Demand Generation And Lead Generation: What's The Difference?

Many marketing teams think they are doing demand generation, when in fact they are focused only on lead generation. In the following video, Mezzanine's President, Lisa Shepher...

29 Oct 2020
Lead Generation | 7 min read

Are Google Ads Worth The Money For B2B Lead Generation?

The answer is yes...and here's why. There's a perception in the business-to-business (B2B) world that digital advertising is a waste of money. A lot of companies assume that p...

22 Oct 2020

How To Re-Balance Sales And Marketing To Accelerate Growth

Imagine it's 2014 and you're the VP of Sales & Marketing for a company that sells technical and complex products to other businesses. You've walked through the sales area ...