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7 Reasons Why Mezzanine Is Your B2B Outsourced Marketing Agency

7 Reasons Why Mezzanine Is Your B2B Outsourced Marketing Agency

Every time we meet with a new client, they ask the same questions. Why should we work with you? What makes you different? There are hundreds of marketing companies in Toronto. And tens of thousands across North America. So what do we offer that would make them pick us?


Answering those questions over the years has really made us define who we are as a company; our USP boils down to these key differentiators:


1. We are B2B specialists.

 That is absolutely our biggest differentiator. For every ten marketing companies out there, I’d say there’s only one with any kind of depth in B2B. Mezzanine has serious strength of experience in a very niche, highly specialized marketing sector.


2. We’re not a creative agency.

A lot of marketing shops out there identify as creative boutiques – design-focused offerings that are about all creating award-winning ads. That’s not us. It’s not that we aren’t creative. But because we believe that excellent marketing comes from good strategy, well executed, our focus is on, planning, great content and solid thought leadership. Yes, creative has a role to play. But for us, it’s more like 20% of the equation – and not the 80% everyone else focuses on.


3. We don’t just tell you what to do. We actually do it.

Lots of consultants will put together a plan, but that can leave companies at loss with how to implement it. We always start with a strategic and tactical marketing plan. Then, for companies that don’t have the in-house resources to run with the plan, we execute the tactics we’ve recommended.


4. We do complete marketing, not just siloed services.

Some companies specialize in direct marketing, social media, events, websites, what have you. We do it all. We’re good at integrating and handling the breadth of tactics that small and mid-sized B2B companies need. So if all you need is PR, you’re better off just calling a specialty PR firm. But if you need a complete solution, give us a call.


5. We know the mid-market.

Our business was built to serve small and medium-sized B2Bs. Other companies are set up to deal with consumer packaged goods and multi-million dollar businesses. That’s not us. We’re all about the smaller players, so we know how to stretch a budget, hit the ground running, and really get things done in a practical way.


6. We’re tactics-agnostic.

We never push any particular tactic simply because it’s something we’re good at. We recommend what you need. Whether that’s a webinar, email marketing, print ads or tradeshow materials, we go with practical ideas that make sense for your business.


7. We’re a mid-sized company.

Mezzanine isn’t a tiny consultancy or a huge agency. So we can handle volume without being bogged down under a giant hierarchy. We’re exactly the right size for getting things done.

So those are the ways we stand out from the crowd. Plus, there’s all the amazing things our clients say – that’s a pretty big differentiator too.  How can we help you? Drop us a line, and let’s chat about your B2B marketing needs.