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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on February 25, 2014

It’s the first thing you pull out when meeting a new prospect – so why is it not top of mind when it comes to marketing? Marketing Associate Leeza Pece shares her advice on how to improve your business card and leverage it as a marketing tool.

business cards

Business cards are one of the most cost-effective marketing tools available, yet so many companies treat them as an afterthought. A high-quality, well designed card will stand out and get you noticed by your prospective customer.

That being said, we shouldn't kid ourselves into thinking that our business card will be displayed like a piece of art. It will most likely get put in a drawer or a file with a stack of other cards. The trick is to stand out when your card is handed to the potential customer so that he or she remembers it. That way, when it’s time to make that important business call, you will be remembered.

Of course, a beautiful card will mean nothing unless it lists all of the contact’s important information such as name, address, phone number, website and email. But why not take it a step further and include your value proposition or a brief description of what your company has to offer?

Small and medium-sized businesses don’t always have the budgets to participate in trade shows, advertising or extensive digital marketing campaigns. Why not make the most of the tools that are available?

Tips to improve your business card:

  • Use a simple font that is easy to read
  • Don’t over complicate the card with too many colours
  • Include your logo
  • Use both sides of the card
  • Include a brief company description on the back
  • Think about using a QR code if it makes sense
  • Make it stand out but remember to use standard sizing

Another important thing to remember is that a great business card will not get you noticed unless it gets handed out. It might seem like an obvious comment but so many times I’ve met someone in a networking opportunity and their first comment is “sorry, I forgot my card”. It’s important to treat your business cards as a marketing tool and hand them out at every reasonable opportunity. You never know where or when you will find your next client.

Put some thought into your business card and help your company stand out. What do your business cards look like? What are you doing to stand out? Coming up with a unique idea can be tough – check out this graphic design blog for some creative business card inspiration.

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