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Written by Mezzanine Growth
on May 26, 2021

Digital lead generation offers far greater reach and cost efficiency than more traditional marketing tactics. So how do you move from trade shows to digital? Read about the guidelines we used to help a Global 500 manufacturer shift their lead generation to digital, an initiative that included a $1M investment with media partners.


Here’s what you’ll learn about organizing the process, aligning stakeholders and ensuring success: 

1. Understanding your numbers: using data to determine how many leads you need, how much each one will cost and how many campaigns will enable you to hit your goal.

2. Staying organized: why putting systems in place to keep track of every component is vital. 

3. Winning over stakeholders: proving your ROI with cold hard numbers (which are much easier to attain with digital than with traditional marketing tactics). 

4. Increasing your negotiating power with scale: bulk buying can save you a lot of money. 

5. Asking the right questions upfront: tips for understanding the nuances of working with different publications. 


Get the whole story: read 5 Lessons For Working With Media Partners. If you have any questions or think this is an approach that could work for you, we’re happy to help - just give us a call

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