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A Marketing Consultant's Cardinal Rule Of Five: How To Be Remembered

A Marketing Consultant's Cardinal Rule Of Five: How To Be Remembered

Most experienced marketing consultants and marketers know that one of the most important things they do in marketing is repeat their message. The world is busier and nosier than ever. That means that prospects and target customers need to hear a message MANY times before it will enters their consciousness. This has a dramatic impact for marketing. Too many marketers skimp on repetition, to their disadvantage. 

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Practical Ways to Achieve Repetition

One of the keys to success in B2B marketing is thought leadership. Effective thought leadership means sharing a company’s expertise. White papers, case studies and even blogs provide a platform on which you can show your success as well as inform and educate potential buyers.

A lot of companies have lots of content on their websites. The problem is, relatively few people visit the website. Simply posting content to a company's website is no longer enough. It’s up to you to publish your thought leadership content through various social media platforms and multiple formats. Content needs to be viewed at least five times for it make a mark, and in many cases, it's more than that. But 5 times is the basic rule of thumb.

There are many ways you can re-use a single content idea to achieve 5 repetitions. Once your original content, say a whitepaper, has been written and is ready to publish, lengthen its life by trying some of these tips:


  1. Send it out to your clients through an email and include a link to a landing page

  2. Use social media!
    • Tweet about your whitepaper
    • Post links to your content on LinkedIn, Google+ and Facebook
    • You don`t need to be on all these platforms. Here’s a guide to the pros and cons of various social media platforms and you can read about how to effectively use LinkedIn
  3. Write a blog post (or several) about it

  4. Implement a pay-per-click campaign to further publicize your content

  5. Write a press release and pitch it to trade publications, if the content warrants it

  6. Keep posting about it on your social media over a period of time, as information needs to be produced at least five times for it to make an impact on a person

  7. Host a webinar about it

  8. Speak about it at an industry conference

  9. Collect feedback from clients and readers and turn that into a follow-up post
    • Use social media for this follow-up article too

Be Realistic With Your Repetition

While repeating your message is essential to success, keep it mind that not all of your content is going to be worthy of following all the steps above. It won't makes sense to do this with every piece of content you produce. However, these steps can be used to draw potential buyers to your site. It will also establish a company as a thought leader and showcase your accomplishments and products/services.



If B2B companies make one common mistake when it comes to marketing, it's that they don't repeatedly communicate their thought leadership. Use the rule of 5 to make sure you don't repeat their error.

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