B2B Marketing Blog

Written by Mezzanine Growth
on April 28, 2021

Meet Andrew Green, the new Vice President, Client Strategy. In this new role, Andrew will lead Mezzanine’s work with B2B companies that are transforming their marketing to increase their sales pipelines and revenues.  


Andrew’s experience in diverse industries, especially helping Global 500 manufacturers and technology companies build scalable and measurable lead generation systems, will enable Mezzanine’s clients to achieve best-in-class capabilities and quickly get to ROI. A key facet of Andrew's new role is solution design and architecture, which includes determining the best tools and technology for a company's growth objectives and working closely with clients to implement systems and processes at the right time.

The pandemic has accelerated the trend to digital purchasing, which means digital marketing has become more powerful and more important than ever. B2B companies are using more sophisticated marketing and lead generation strategies that are measurable and closely tied to business results. And that’s where Andrew’s strength lies: bringing together marketing, lead generation and ROI is his “sweet spot.” 

“Andrew’s new role gives all of Mezzanine’s clients access to his extensive strategic experience in building growth engines,” says Lisa Shepherd, Mezzanine President. “Mezzanine has grown significantly in the last two years in response to B2B companies investing more in marketing to generate leads, and Andrew will help them accelerate their success." 

“I am a driver of growth,” says Andrew. “This new role lets me harness the shared knowledge of all our marketing and lead generation experts so we can help B2B companies grow. A new framework for how we deliver client work will set us up for scale, repeatability, enhanced quality and ultimately, greater impact. I’m excited to further refine our successful approach – and be able to do it for more B2B companies looking to take their success to the next level.” 

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