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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on January 23, 2019

sometimes the unsung heroes need to have the spotlight shone on them. That's the case with our Staff Picks: Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles of 2018. These are the posts we did last year that didn't get as much attention as we think they should. They have important teachings, and Mezzanine's marketing consultants hope you'll give them a second chance.

If you're looking for the blog posts that DID get lots of attention, here are the Top 10 Articles From 2018

Staff Picks Top 10 Articles of 2018

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Staff Pick - Why every B2B company needs a lead nurturing plan

Why Every B2B Company Needs a Lead Nurturing Plan

If you're not convinced that lead nurturing makes sense for your business, you will be after reading this. 

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Staff pick - 3cs of marketing strategy

The Best & Easiest Marketing Strategy Framework You'll Ever Use (aka 3 C's Of Marketing) 

There are hundreds of marketing strategy books and frameworks out there. This is the only one you'll ever need. 

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Staff pick - ad agency or marketing firm

Ad Agency or Marketing Firm? 

Is it just word play or is there actually a difference between an ad agency and a marketing firm? Find out in this article. 

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Staff pick - competitive advantage

5 Practical Tips To Find Your Competitive Advantage

One of the most important things a B2B company can do for its success is to clearly define a competitive advantage. Find out how with these practical tips.

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Staff pick - marketing a manufacturing company

The Essential Guide To Marketing A Manufacturing Company

Manufacturers aren't exactly known for their marketing prowess. But they're starting to get serious - and get better - at marketing. This post is a Marketing 101 guide for manufacturers everywhere. 

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Staff pick - branding 101 for B2B companies

Branding 101 For Business-to-Business Companies 

The majority of business-to-business companies used to think that branding didn't apply to them - it was the stuff of consumer packaged goods companies. Not anymore. Read the basics of branding for B2Bs.

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Staff picks - B2B marketing acronyms

Cracking The Code: B2B Marketing Acronyms

There's a flurry of acronyms in B2B marketing. This guide helps you sort through them so you don't get caught out at your company's next sales and marketing meeting. 

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Staff picks - brand awareness vs lead generation

Brand Awareness vs Lead Generation: What To Do And When In B2B Marketing

Increasing brand awareness and generating leads are the top two priorities for B2B marketers. Which one is better?  

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Staff picks - ROI of B2B marketing

Understanding The ROI Of B2B Marketing [Example Calculation] 

The lack of math in marketing is coming to an end. Start by determining what your marketing function's ROI is. 

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