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13 Jun 2011

Ways to Acquire Competitive Intelligence

You might have a good understanding of your competition, especially if you have been in your industry for a while. But do you know enough to build a truly well-informed market...

19 May 2011

Competitive Intelligence in the Real World

My company is recruiting. As part of the recruiting process, I interviewed half a dozen MBA grads or students yesterday. In these interviews, I asked the MBAs about their work...

11 Feb 2010

Competitive Intelligence Resources

Competitive intelligence is one of the most important ways a company can understand market trends and where its competitors are innovating and positioning themselves. Without ...

11 Sep 2009

Competitive Intelligence - What Should Small Companies Do?

Big companies (Fortune 500s, etc) have entire departments that do competitive intelligence. I'm amazed by the resources they put into it, although I shouldn't be. Competitive ...