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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on May 11, 2015

Does your company need a strategic marketing plan but doesn’t have the expertise to develop it?  

Your solution is here.  In celebration of the launch of Lisa Shepherd’s latest book, The Radical Sales Shift, Mezzanine is giving away one of its acclaimed Strategic & Tactical Marketing Planning Processes.  

Here’s what the winner gets:

  1. The Mezzanine Strategic & Tactical Marketing Planning Process, which includes:
    1. One day marketing planning workshop with 3 expert B2B marketers from Mezzanine
    2. A marketing audit (benchmark of existing digital marketing)
    3. Competitor marketing and branding audit (up to 4 competitors)
  2. A Strategic & Tactical Marketing Plan, which includes: 
    1. A defined Marketing Strategy (Target markets, personas, positioning)
    2. A Tactical Road Map – identification of the marketing tools and tactics to use to accomplish the goals (up to 10)
    3. A Marketing Calendar – one year road map with timing of all tactics
    4. Budget – suggestions / recommendations on the appropriate budget for execution
    5. Metrics and Scorecard – identification of the top 5 KPIs to measure performance

Mezzanine’s Strategic and Tactical Marketing Planning Process has been developed through 15 years of hands-on experience working with business-to-business companies.  Over 200 companies have used the process to clarify their strategy and build a road map to guide marketing execution.  The process is smart, efficient and effective.  

Win a Strategic Marketing Plan - celebrate the launch of The Radical Sales Shift

This is your chance to learn from the experts and get their strategic marketing knowledge working for your business.

Here are the rules:

  • The winner must be a B2B company in the GTA with 3 - 100 employees
  • The one-day Marketing Planning Workshop must be held in July at the Mezzanine office (exact date to be confirmed based on the winner’s and Mezzanine’s schedules) and the review of the plan must be held before August 30th, 2015. 
  • A maximum of 5 participants from the winning company can attend the Workshop
  • If the winning company has more than one division, Mezzanine reserves the right to limit the scope of the marketing planning process to a single division or line of business. 
  • No customer research is included in the process. 
  • The winner must be an employee of the winning company (to be demonstrated by having a business card in their name for the company).
  • A marketing company cannot be the winner.  
  • There is no obligation for the winner beyond the Marketing Planning Process (they don’t need to work with Mezzanine for implementation)
  • The Contest is entirely at the discretion of The Mezzanine Group and other rules may be added as necessary or appropriate

 To Enter

It’s easy.  Register to attend the book launch for the Radical Sales Shift.  When you arrive, enter your business card in the Contest and wait for the draw.  We will draw 1 winner, and a 2nd and a 3rd alternate that night. 



Want to see what a marketing planning workshop looks like in practice?  Check out 10 photos of a Mezzanine Marketing Planning Workshop


 Click here to Register for the Book Launch and the Chance to Win 


 The Radical Sales Shift Special Report

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