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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on July 30, 2018

For anyone who runs a B2B company and is responsible for marketing (either formally or informally), you know the frustration of trying to measure your marketing performance and understand how you’re doing. There’s very little data available about B2B marketing. And when there is data, it’s almost never relevant for companies who have $10M in revenue - let alone $1M.

We’re hoping to change that. 


2018 B2B Marketing Benchmark Study Call for questions no learn more callout-1

This fall, Mezzanine is launching a B2B marketing benchmark study for small and mid-sized B2B companies (those with $1M - $40M in revenue).  We’ll be updating data that we collected in 2015 and 2012 about the state of B2B marketing. 

Right now, we’re looking for the input of the B2B business community (not just from marketers) to build a survey that meets your needs.

This is a tall order! We want your suggestions for survey questions. 

We have 31 questions that were fielded previously.  We plan to retire 3 – 5 questions and add 3 – 5.  We know we will be adding questions about Marketing Measurement and Marketing Automation in the 2018 survey, as well as a question about Industry. 

We want to ask the most useful questions, that will give B2B companies answers to their questions about B2B marketing performance. In any survey situation, the challenge is to keep the survey short enough that people will complete it, and long enough that you get useful information. 

Please submit your question ideas or suggestions via any of our social platforms: 

Mezzanine on LinkedIn Mezzanine onTwitter Mezzanine on YouTube Mezzanine on Facebook Mezzanine on Google+

or email me directly at (Lisa Shepherd). I will read every email and respond.  

There will be a ‘short’ version of the survey (about 10 - 15 questions) and a full version (30 -  35 questions). 

The study will be open for 3 weeks in September, and results will be published mid-October.  

You can read the 31 questions we've previously fielded here.  

Thank you for your support and contribution. You'll hear more about the benchmark study in the coming weeks via this blog and our social channels.   

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