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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on August 15, 2016

Top reasons why email marketing is still an effective form of communication for businesses of all sizes.

Email_Marketing.jpgSpammers, scammers, wheelers and dealers, these days everyone is trying to get into your inbox. According to the Radicati Group Email Statistics Report 2015-2019, the number of emails sent and received per day total over 205 billion. In 2015 there were also 4.4 million email accounts worldwide with 2.6 billion account users with account users averaging 1.7 email accounts each. 1 That’s a lot of email. If you are wondering if your company’s email campaign stands out amid all the noise, and if it is even worth it to continue sending email marketing campaigns to your audience, the short answer is...Yes!

Email has been around for a long time and it is a tried and true marketing tactic that is still important for businesses of every size. Let’s go through the top reasons why email marketing is still worth it:

1. It is the easiest way to reach mobile customers

Email marketing has value for businesses because it is an easy way to reach customers, especially mobile customers. North Americans open 25.5% of their emails on their cellphones.  Forrester Research released the study “Global Email Marketing Customer Reference Online Survey,”2 that found 42 percent of retailers' email messages were opened by consumers on their smartphones and 17 percent were opened on tablets. This means that nearly three out of every five email marketing messages is also a mobile marketing message, making email marketing one of the best ways to reach mobile customers


2. It is the most effective way to keep customers informed

This tactic is one of the best ways for businesses to stay connected with their customers, in fact many businesses seek out the email campaigns of their partners and suppliers in order to stay connected. According to Inbox Marketer, the top ten reasons that Canadians subscribe to an email campaign are as follows3:

  1. 63% subscribe for discounts
  2. 58% subscribe to receive a freebie or enter a contest
  3. 48% want to know about the latest products and services
  4. 39% want to receive advanced notice of new products or future releases
  5. 36% sign up because they deal with the company or brand regularly
  6. 34% hand over their e-mail address to access exclusive content
  7. 32% want to receive content about their personal interests
  8. 18% want to receive company news
  9. 15% prefer e-mail as a way to “keep my finger on the pulse” of the brand/company
  10. 13% subscribed because someone recommended they do so

3. It is easy to integrate into other marketing tactics

Email marketing campaigns are extremely versatile with the ability to be customized in various ways and tailored to integrate into other marketing tactics.


4. It's cheap

Email marketing is easy, effective and inexpensive. Email campaigns can be free or you can spend a small amount to add extra design, personalization and list management features.


5. It's action oriented

Email marketing is an old form of communication and we are conditioned to do something with our emails. Whether it's to open them, reply or delete them, email encourages us to take action. Therefore, email marketing is one of the most effective methods of getting your customers to take action, whether it is going to your website, calling in or any other call-to-action.

Email marketing may be an old tactic but it is but no means outdated. It is still a valuable asset in the business world. More than 34% of people worldwide use email, which is about 2.5 billion people. Email is popular, and it is a vital tool for all businesses. Get in touch with us to discuss how you can make email marketing work for your B2B marketing strategy.

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  2. Forrester Research, “Q2 2014 Global Email Marketing Customer Reference Online Survey,” July 2014
  3. Inbox Marketer “2015 E-mail Marketing Benchmark Report”

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