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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on January 11, 2019

From managing distributors to choosing the right marketing tools, business-to-business (B2B) companies did lots of researching in 2018 about how to accelerate sales and growth.


Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles of 2018

We've rounded up our greatest hits - the top 10 stories that readers viewed and shared the most in 2018. 

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Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - #1-1

#1.  5 Ways Marketing Impacts the Growth of Your Business


Wondering whether your company should invest in marketing? For business-to-business (B2B) companies, the answer is increasingly yes. Here are 5 ways marketing impacts the growth of companies who sell to other companies. Read the story. 


Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - #2

#2.  Whitepaper vs Article - What's the Difference and When Should You Use Each?


Let the thought leadership wars begin! (Actually they've been going on for a while now). Should you be producing whitepapers or articles? Here's the difference and when to use each. Read the story. 


Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - #3

#3.  8 Ways to Improve Distributor Performance


If you sell through channel partners, one of the best ways to grow sales is by improving your relationships with your distributors and agents. Here are 8 practical tips to help your channel partners sell more for you. Read the story. 


Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - #4-1

#4.  The Difference Between Business Strategy and Marketing Strategy, And Why It's Important


A business strategy and a marketing strategy are both essential to grow your company, but they're different. Here's what to include in each. Read the article. 


Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - #5

#5. Triple Your Product Launch Success Through a Formal Product Launch Process


Too many companies invest big dollars in product development, only to flub the launch process. Here's how to do better. Read the story. 



Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - #6

#6.  The Ultimate Business-to-Business Sales Questions


If you're using 'What keeps you up at night?' as your go-to sales question for prospects, it's time to rethink your game. There are better options. Read the story. 


Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - #7

#7.  The Best & Easiest Marketing Strategy Framework You'll Ever Use 


Undertaking a marketing strategy and not sure where to start? Don't get distracted by all those fancy marketing strategy books. The best framework is easy to understand and delivers powerful results. Get it here. 


Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - #8

#8.  How Can B2B Companies Measure Customer Satisfaction? 


Measuring customer satisfaction is a tricky task for B2B companies. How can they do it right - if they should do it at all. Read the article.


Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - #9

#9.  How a Canadian Manufacturer Got 10X Growth 


This building materials company grew from $6M in annual revenue to over $80M in revenue by totally rethinking its....wait for Read the story. 



Top 10 B2B Sales & Marketing Articles - -1

.  5 Ways to Calculate if You Should Exhibit at that Trade Show


Trade shows take up a lot of B2B maketing budgets and it's diffiult to measure their ROI. But with the right approach and tools, you can get a clearer picture of their value. Read the article. 

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