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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on February 04, 2020

Here at The Mezzanine Group, we know it can be hard  to achieve long-term growth objectives while dealing with day to day business needs. From managing your operations, coaching sales people, overseeing IT projects and planning for the coming quarter and year - it's a long list. And that doesn't even include strategic marketing! 

We've been lucky to work with many business leaders to help them with strategic marketing. Over the past 15 years we’ve accelerated revenue growth by 30 - 300% for B2B companies, building Growth Engines that raise awareness and generate leads using a combine of traditional and digital marketing tools. Mezzanine Named Top Canadian Digital Marketing Firm By Clutch

In recognition of our efforts, we’ve been named a leading digital marketing partner according to Clutch’s Toronto agency directory!

We’d like to dedicate this award to our valued clients for helping us get this far. They took part in client interviews with Clutch analysts to assess our impact on their day to day operations. We were evaluated on a number of parameters, including our attention to project timelines, quality of service and deliverables, as well as value add for their financial investment. We’re happy to say we’ve maintained a perfect five out of five stars in reflection of that feedback! Take a look at a recent review from one of our clients below:

 Mezz review on Clutch-2

"The B2B buying world has changed dramatically in the last 5 years. We're thrilled to work with leaders who are shifting their companies towards the future by using strategic marketing and building modern Growth Engines. Thanks to Clutch for recognizing us and to our clients for sharing their experiences with others."

–Lisa Shepherd


Mezzanine was also recognized on The Manifest, a business data and how-to resource. On that platform, Mezzanine is one of The Manifest's Toronto leaders list for top marketing agencies.


We’re thrilled to win this award and look forward to delivering even more growth to our clients in the years ahead. Drop us a line if you’d like to learn more about The Mezzanine Group’s award-winning marketing methodology.


About Clutch 

Clutch is a verified market research firm that uses a unique ratings methodology to compare and contrast leaders across industries.

Thanks to Clutch for writing and publishing this article. 

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