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6 Tips to Boost Your Profile on LinkedIn

6 Tips to Boost Your Profile on LinkedIn

LinkedIN Picture.jpgWith over 467 million users worldwide, LinkedIn is considered the most professional and effective digital marketing vehicle for reaching clients B2B marketing. From building your personal profile on LinkedIn to targeting your desired audience, here are 6 ways to make LinkedIn your number one marketing tool:


1. Build your company page

With company pages, you have a powerful tool to showcase your company’s capabilities, publish the link to your website, and post information about products and services. Having an updated and consistent brand presence is very important.  To engage your clients and ensure your brand remains active, regularly post industry news, organizational updates and direct traffic back to your website.

When creating your subject line try to create a sense of urgency, this can boost your open rates by up to 22%!

2. Use your profile to improve on LinkedIn and Google search results

Your profile on LinkedIn is another way of building your personal brand, as well as a great way of showcasing your products and services.  Your LinkedIn page also helps with improving your search ranking on LinkedIn and Google.  Customize your profile by including professional profile pictures and a bio that includes keywords describing your company and position. Include your contact information and your company’s website if you are looking to be reached by other LinkedIn users.  Update your job title to include keywords that speaks to your business and what you do. Be sure to not leave any cell empty.  Include all your Honors & Awards, Languages, Skilland Education.  Lastly, don’t forget to connect with people you meet on a regular basis and always include a personal note.

3. Thought leadership and Content Sharing

Sharing content on LinkedIn is an effective way of interacting and connecting with other members, and should be a part of your marketing strategy.  It’s another way of improving your search result with keywords that speak to your business and or service offerings.  Your contacts can share and like your post with their network, which in return raises your profile.  Amplification is key – ask your emplyees to do the same and remind them when you are posting.  Don’t just share your own content - understand your audience and what they like to read and share that content as well.  

4. Join LinkedIn groups

Join LinkedIn groups to connect with others in your field of work and expand your network.  Be sure to participate in group discussions and provide feedback in other users’ discussion threads. Be an active member by posting questions and start discussions that engage with the group members.

5. Building a database of qualified leads

Unlike other social media channels, LinkedIn provides the most advance search tools to locate and connect with high-potential prospects anywhere in the world.  You can search by company, job titles as well as industry. Easily connect with people by requesting for “first connections” for introductions or use InMail offered through LinkedIn premium accounts.    

6. Try advertising through LinkedIn

LinkedIn offers targeted paid advertising opportunities that are more precise than any other social networking sites.  You can zero in on the exact industry, company size, and jobs held by people who would typically buy your products or services. Place your ad in front of the right audience, and use LinkedIn’s analytical tools to calculate the effectiveness of your marketing strategy and campaign.

Here are different paid advertising opportunities offered by LinkedIn[i]:

  • Reach your potential clients through sponsored InMail – sending targeted messaging that will be delivered right to their inbox
  • Purchase LinkedIn display ads to place your advertising in front of decision makers
  • Create content that is relevant to your industry and place it in front of the optimal audience via Sponsored Updates
  • Create customizable ads that grab the attention of existing and potential clients via Dynamic Ads

There you have it! Get started on optimizing your LinkedIn profile and company page, or contact us so we can build you an effective marketing strategy that is right for your organization!