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Double Your B2B Lead Generation From Every Blog Post

Double Your B2B Lead Generation From Every Blog Post

When it comes to  business-to-business lead generation, blogs are a powerhouse. They help B2B companies demonstrate their expertise, bolster their reputation, raise awareness and attract prospects. Blogging is one of the most frequent tactics used by B2B lead generation specialists because they do such a good job - Hubspot data shows  that 60% of marketers use blogs as are their top inbound marketing priority.

Double your lead generation from every blog post

But, blogging is no simple initiative.

It takes a lot of work - from identifying good topics to writing compelling posts to linking internally and externally, finding the right images, promoting the posts on your social media - you get the idea.

So, if blogging is one of your company's lead generation tools, make sure to make the most of it. Here are 3 easy ways to get more lead generation bang for your blogging buck. 


1. Upcycle Existing Content

You already have existing content from webinars, white papers, case studies, infographics and past blogs. These are all investment-heavy tactics, both from a time and money standpoint. And that means it's critical that these initiatives aren't seen as 'once and done' projects.

Leveraging these assets to create small blog posts will save you time in the content creation process and help alleviate the spinning wheel effect when trying to come up with your next blog topic.


2. Turn Each Blog Into A Landing Page with Opt-In Opportunities

Since you’re leveraging your value-add content to create your blog articles, take advantage of inbound traffic and potential conversion opportunities by ensuring your blog page acts like a landing page. Place a call to action to the asset that blog article is derived from, so readers have the opportunity to download additional information and learn more. Having a gated form will enable you to identify the visitor and generate a new lead, monitor the visitor’s engagement levels with other content and fuel the direction of the sales conversation.


3. Promote Like Crazy

Use your other communication channels such as social media or a newsletter to remind your audience that you’re producing this great content for them. We promote our blog 2-3 times via our channels as we realize our audience is busy and might not remember to check in frequently for new content. Promote, promote, promote!  



If you're taking the time to publish a blog, make sure to get the most mileage you can from it. Re-purpose your content across many formats, inform blog readers about other content you have that might be useful to them, and make sure to promote your blog content frequently. 

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