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15 Jun 2022

6 Marketing Metrics Every B2B Company Needs to Track and Why

There comes a time when every business needs to think about how they define success. This is true no matter the industry and applies to all companies from manufacturing and co...

20 Jul 2021
Marketing Metrics | 4 min read

Reporting Marketing Metrics Outside The Marketing Team Is A Terrible Idea

The buying and selling landscape is constantly changing. In recent years, a dramatic shift is evident across all sectors from office supplies to consulting services to cars. T...

13 Mar 2019

The 8 Sales Metrics That Marketing Consultants Need To Track

You might be wondering why a marketing consultant or in-house marketer should track sales metrics. The reason that marketing consultants need to care about sales metrics is to...

19 Feb 2018
Marketing Metrics | 4 min read

Marketing Metrics Every B2B Company Should Measure

You run a business – and it seems pretty successful. Your employees show up every day, you’re turning a profit, you handle very few customer complaints, and someone has planne...

27 Dec 2017

7 Advanced Metrics You Should Be Tracking to Boost Revenues

Tracking your marketing efforts is the key to taking control, and when it comes to marketing metrics, the first thing that comes to mind is web traffic. In fact, 78% of B2B ma...

16 Mar 2016

4 Metrics That Matter to Your Marketing ROI

Technology and the internet are amazing tools for marketers.  Aside from allowing companies to reach more of their potential customers, they allow you to measure the success o...

13 Aug 2012
Marketing Metrics | 2 min read

Setting Fact-Based Metrics When No Facts Exist

At The Mezzanine Group, we focus on the science of marketing. We’ve talked about the “art” of marketing, which can be fun and creative, but it takes more than pretty pictures ...

21 Mar 2012
Marketing Metrics | 2 min read

Key Metrics to Understand your Business in a Flash

I recently read a simple and to-the-point article about the three key metrics all small and mid-sized businesses should monitor called 3 Numbers All Entrepreneurs Should Know....