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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on April 02, 2018

Are you wondering if it's worthwhile to publish case studies in B2B? The answer is a resounding yes. As the buying process gets ever more complicated, the value of case studies is increasing. If anything, B2B companies should be increasing their case study production to make sure they cover off the different industries and functions they work in.


Why are case studies important? Because they help at all stages of the purchase process, especially as customers approach their purchase decision. Here's why:


Reason 1: They help buyers connect the dots 

Buyers sometimes need help to understand how your solution fits their situation or application. If you have a case study that you can share, it is often the bridge between the theory and reality for a customer.  By reading another company's experience, the customer can see how your solution fits their needs. 


Reason 2: It's social proof

Today’s buyers are more risk adverse than ever. We feel safer if we know someone else has been through our experience, and found a solution that worked. This is where case studies are most effective. Case studies are the top content type for buyers, with 78% accessing this format type when researching purchases in the past 12 months (vs. 72% in 2016).2  


Reason 3: You need them for lead nurturing 

We love to deliver case studies when prospective customers have moved past the initial research phase and are considering their options. For this reason, we consider case studies to be at the consideration or even decision making stage of their research and we want to be sure that we have a case study that matches their problem, preferably in the same industry.


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