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Written by Lisa Shepherd
on October 15, 2019

When it comes to expansion, Canadian companies have been known to hedge their bets. They might focus on the US. Or maybe they get really bold and go after Europe. But there's a big world out there in Southeast Asia, South America, Asia and increasingly in Africa. And Canadian manufacturers deserve (and ultimately, must) do business with more of it.

That's easy to say, and harder to do. A lot goes into expanding a company's sales globally. One of those components is building a global brand, which is the focus on this blog post. 

How Canadian Manufacturers Can Get Out In The World-1

Here are some key considerations for manufacturers competing to establish themselves in global markets:



Manufacturers have a tendency to maintain the same old logo they started their businesses with, decades ago. This may have passed muster in the old days, but no longer. You need a modern look to grab people’s attention. A logo that stands out will always stay in people’s minds. A proper re-branding needs to be planned and executed throughout all collateral: stationary, business cards, office templates, etc. Securing the services of a solid partner will go a long way towards achieving a global brand image.



As with their brand identity, most manufacturers still have archaic websites that reached obsolescence by the late 2000s. Websites should be user-friendly, visually appealing and have relevant, updated content. Adding a new color palette, layout, images and content can make a world of difference.



Regardless of what your company manufactures, people want to see your products, your facility, how your product is produced and the team that works on it. Have a professional photographer capture compelling images of your facility and people. Great website imagery visually communicates the scale and depth of the work that you do.



Videos are a great medium for telling your company’s story. Online videos are effective for generating website traffic and providing an inside glimpse of the manufacturing process to the public. Videos are also great tools to complement sales pitches, when meeting with important prospects. Posting your videos to YouTube helps get your message out and generate engagement in the social media space.


Trade Show Presence

Most manufacturers participate in trade shows to exhibit their capabilities. When you start exhibiting at international shows across the world, your booth should be up to world standards. Don’t overwhelm your booth with a lot of messaging. Imagery, with concise, clear messages attract visitors from afar.

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There are many other tactics you can use to create a global brand image for your company. Starting with just a few of these will go a long way towards giving your company a memorable brand.

A final tip: look to the big, global players and their brands in your industry and be inspired to become the best of the best.


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