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19 Jul 2022
Branding | 5 min read

3 Tips to Help Rebrand Your B2B Company and 2 Pitfalls to Avoid

Rebranding is a huge project that needs a solid reason and strategic plan to effectively execute. Recently, Lisa Shepherd spoke with Gordon Gilroy from Vision Creative Inc abo...

05 Jul 2022
Branding | 5 min read

Work Smart: Rebranding A B2B Company Starts from Within

Branding is an important way for businesses to distinguish themselves from their competition. What a brand conveys and how it is used by the people who work there sets the ton...

06 Apr 2022

What Is A Brand And Why Should B2B Businesses Rebrand?

We’ve all seen them. Companies with logos and printed material that scream they were created in the 1980s.  There is nothing wrong with things that were created in the 1980s, ...

09 Nov 2021

8 Ways Canadian Manufacturers Can Get Noticed Internationally

So much has changed in just a few short years. It wasn’t long ago that Canadian business-to-business (B2B) companies, especially manufacturers, really struggled to get noticed...

08 Oct 2020

Time To Refresh Your Brand? The Complete Guide To B2B Branding

When we think of strong brands, the companies that come to mind are often consumer brands – like Apple, Coca-Cola, Google and Disney.  Branding hasn't been a topic that matter...

03 Mar 2020
Branding | 3 min read

Does Everyone Think the Wrong Thing About You? Re-Position

Every company strives to be known and to have a positive reputation. Having a strong and recognized brand is a valuable asset that helps a company boost its revenue and profit...

29 Oct 2019
Lead Generation Branding | 3 min read

Use The Force: How To Balance Brand Awareness and Lead Generation In Your Marketing Plan

Lead generation and brand awareness are the top marketing priorities for business-to-business (B2B) companies. The question is, which one is more important? In this post we'll...

13 Aug 2019
Lead Generation Branding | 3 min read

Grow Your Revenues With Brand Awareness and Lead Generation

In B2B companies brand awareness was once the domain of marketing, while lead generation was mostly owned by sales. The internet has changed all that. Today companies can rely...

10 Oct 2017

3 Tips To Improve Your Pitch Deck

The pitch deck is more than just a gorgeous design.   It is in PowerPoint format (usually) and one of the many assets that Sales needs to introduce customers to your company, ...

01 May 2017

Building A New Company Brand

One of the foundational elements that we audit during a marketing consulting engagement is the company brand.  Brand elements encompass the logo, company colours, how imagery ...