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14 Sep 2012

Some Intermediaries Should Be Worried, Should You?

Intermediaries are dead. Long live intermediaries!

22 Aug 2012

Marketing is Key to Productivity

Every month or so there’s a study or report bemoaning Canada’s relatively low productivity, and rightly so. At Mezzanine we aren’t the engineers developing the next product th...

16 Jul 2012

When Market Assessments Give You Bad News

We recently did a market assessment for a client who was interested in bringing a genuinely exciting innovation to market (in an industry that sorely needs it). It turns out t...

20 Jun 2012

4 Tips for Using Targeted Email Lists for Conducting B2B Market Research

Recently, I was working on a market feasibility assessment and I needed to access a group of individuals where there was no easy way to identify and contact them on a mass sca...

09 Apr 2012

Six Questions for Entering Tough B2B Markets

Breaking into a tough market can require a new entrant to break long-standing supplier relationships. At Mezzanine I am very often researching customer needs and evaluating in...

21 Mar 2012
Market Assessment | 2 min read

Key Metrics to Understand your Business in a Flash

I recently read a simple and to-the-point article about the three key metrics all small and mid-sized businesses should monitor called 3 Numbers All Entrepreneurs Should Know....