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19 May 2020

3 Ways To Find The Right Pricing Strategy For Your B2B Product

Pricing strategy is a tricky issue. Price too high and you won't gain traction in a market. Price too low and you won't make enough profit to fund growth. What’s the right app...

05 Jun 2015
Market Research | 5 min read

How Can B2B Companies Measure Customer Satisfaction?

Have you received a retail store receipt with a link to a “Customer Satisfaction Survey” lately? I'm sure you have - they are now an ubiquitous part of the retail check-out ex...

30 Mar 2015

Make one budget change to avoid product launch failure

Did you know that the global success rate of new product launches is 4%? A whopping 96% of new product launches fail, often immediately. How can companies avoid product launch...

13 Mar 2015

Driving Sales By Analyzing Customer Data - Is It Worth It?

The promise of driving sales by analyzing customer data seldom holds true for small and mid-sized B2Bs There’s a lot of talk about using 'big data' to drive sales. According t...

11 Mar 2014

The Search for B2B Benchmarks

As B2B marketers, sometimes it feels like we’re little fish swimming in a sea of big, flashy B2C campaigns. Here are some tips for when you find it difficult to track down dat...

27 Feb 2014

Is qualitative research still applicable?

With online analytics transforming research and competitive intelligence, companies feel pressured to ride the growing trend to ensure they are not falling behind. So does qua...

08 May 2013

Is It Possible to Overdress B2B Marketing With Social Media?

Coco Chanel was responsible for popularizing the acceptance of a wearable, casual chic. She created iconic garments for women that were simple and elegant without the indulgen...

12 Mar 2013

Does Qualitative Research Matter Anymore?

The growth of online analytic tools like Google Analytics has drastically changed how executives think about market research. With the ability to access more data than conceiv...

04 Feb 2013
Market Research | 2 min read

Relax, it's just data: Marketing in the Era of Big Data

If we take the latest business headlines and journals as paradigmatic of current trends, it’s now commonplace to concede that this is the era of data. Big data. The data sets ...

19 Dec 2012

The Most “Trusted” Brands in 2012

According to an annual survey conducted by Reader’s Digest Canada, the following are the “Most Trusted Brands in 2012.” Brands on this list are winners of their respective pro...