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04 May 2021

How To Approach A B2B PR Program

Are you considering a public relations (PR) program for your B2B company? Lisa Shepherd, President of Mezzanine Growth, speaks with Bonnie Elgie, Owner / Principal at Bonnie E...

06 Apr 2021

How To Integrate PR Into Your B2B Marketing Programs

Is public relations (PR) a part of your strategic marketing plan? In this video Lisa Shepherd, President of Mezzanine Growth, talks to Bonnie Elgie, Owner / Principal at Bonni...

07 Aug 2015

4 Ways To Make The Most Of Public Relations For Your Company

Here’s a surprising fact for business-to-business companies: PR is one of the most powerful tools in the marketing tool kit. PR is an amazing way to raise awareness and even g...

29 May 2014

What Shortcuts Can and Can’t You Take in PR?

There’s a lot of mystery surrounding public relations, and that results in a lot of confusion and many, many misconceptions. There are five million services out there that “gu...

22 May 2014

3 tips for getting your company onto Wikipedia

Ever notice that the Wikipedia entry for a search term is usually one of the first results when using Google? It's not a coincidence - Wikipedia ranks very highly for SEO. Cou...

27 Aug 2013

5 inexpensive and very effective B2B marketing tools

Plenty of B2B businesses are overlooking these relatively low-cost marketing methods. Here’s why you should take advantage of them.

11 Jun 2013

Does it Take a Village to Launch a Product?

Not too long ago the practice of product launch was not even recognized. Many companies simply thought up the next greatest thing, built it and mistakenly believed their produ...

14 Mar 2013

Becoming Your Own Town Crier: Public Relations for Manufacturing

People don’t know what they don’t know. It’s a seemingly confusing statement, but in fact, it captures something quite simple: there are things happening in the world beyond m...

31 Aug 2012

5 Steps to Make PR Work for Your B2B Company

Traditionally, marketers have used press releases to increase brand awareness for a product or service, but with the increase in digital marketing over the years, there has be...