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26 Nov 2012

B2B Research – Finding Insights When There Seem to be None

We often work with B2B businesses looking for answers as to how, what and who they should market to. I was recently working on a project for a client where the target of our r...

21 Sep 2012
Market Research | 2 min read

Putting Segmentation Into Practice

Once you understand significant customer segments, you can move on to developing a strategy to tackle them. Stick by your segmentation to execute effectively and generate posi...

15 Aug 2012

First Steps toward Client Segmentation in B2B Marketing

You’ve got two customers? They’re the big one and the little one. As soon as you have more than one customer, you’re segmenting your client base. Often we find that our client...

06 Aug 2012

Put Down that iPad! Knowledge Comes from Conversation

In this 30 second video, Richard Grefé, Executive Director of AIGA, the professional association for designers in the US, talks about the fast pace of change and the exponenti...

20 Jul 2012
Market Research | 3 min read

Segmentation for Growth in B2B: Why Do Segmentation?

Segmentation is a great tool to better understand your customers and identify untapped growth opportunities. In B2B, this is especially relevant because you are dealing with b...

16 Jul 2012

When Market Assessments Give You Bad News

We recently did a market assessment for a client who was interested in bringing a genuinely exciting innovation to market (in an industry that sorely needs it). It turns out t...

11 Jul 2012

Interview Research – When it’s the Right Tool for the Job

The ability to get closer to customers, users, and members, understanding their emerging needs and addressing challenges before they become intractable, will be critical to bu...

20 Jun 2012

4 Ways to Use Targeted Email Lists to Conduct B2B Market Research

Recently, I was working on a market feasibility assessment and I needed to access a group of individuals where there was no easy way to identify and contact them on a mass sca...

13 Jun 2012
Market Research | 2 min read

Shining a Light on B2B

09 Apr 2012

Six Questions for Entering Tough B2B Markets

Breaking into a tough market can require a new entrant to break long-standing supplier relationships. At Mezzanine I am very often researching customer needs and evaluating in...