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26 May 2022

Sales and Marketing Are on the Same Team - with Different Roles

Many business-to-business (B2B) companies see sales and marketing as the same thing, or as two teams that do the same or similar things. This is a healthy view for making sure...

19 Aug 2020

How To Achieve Alignment Between B2B Sales And Marketing

There are companies with great sales teams. And there are companies with great marketing functions. But it's a rare company that has great sales, and great marketing, AND grea...

15 Jan 2016

3 Ways To Integrate Sales and Marketing to Increase Revenue

There's a growing need for B2B sales and marketing teams to work well together.  Here are 3 practical ways to make it happen.   

03 Nov 2015

How Sales and Marketing Work Together to Increase Sales

 Lisa Shepherd, was recently interviewed by about her latest book, The Radical Sales Shift. The interview covered a lot of territory so we are going to go over ...

11 Aug 2015

Build Trust and Revenue: How to Collaborate With Sales

Since the launch of The Radical Sales Shift, we’ve been publishing the twenty lessons on the Mezzanine Blog. The lesson in this post is Lesson Twelve: Success Starts At The To...

06 May 2015

8 Ways To Improve Distributor Performance

Many B2B companies sell through distributors and know the relationships they have with them are key to increasing revenues. However, what most B2B companies don’t do a great j...

20 Apr 2015

One Simple Way to Make Your Salespeople More Successful

Revenues missing target? Here's one simple way to make your salespeople more successful.

16 Mar 2015

3 Vital Steps for Turning Marketing into Sales

Investing in marketing is a great way to boost revenues. But some companies fail at turning marketing into sales because they miss a few vital steps. Based on my experience wo...