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05 Nov 2013

How to Market to Disaster Victims

The fine art of promoting your disaster-recovery services without seeming like a jerk

11 Jun 2013

Does it Take a Village to Launch a Product?

Not too long ago the practice of product launch was not even recognized. Many companies simply thought up the next greatest thing, built it and mistakenly believed their produ...

31 May 2013

Four Steps to Choose a Winning Name for Your Brand

Every business undergoes a naming process at some point. Most commonly, business names are created at inception, but companies also embark on a naming process when introducing...

24 May 2013

The Customer Experience – What You Don’t Know Can Hurt You

The competitive challenge for business owners today has never been greater. Competitors match price, technology and product/service offers instantly. When customers buy your p...

08 May 2013

Is It Possible to Overdress B2B Marketing With Social Media?

Coco Chanel was responsible for popularizing the acceptance of a wearable, casual chic. She created iconic garments for women that were simple and elegant without the indulgen...

07 Sep 2012

B2B Decision Making and the Business Case

Throughout our consulting work, we are often asked to help companies evaluate their opportunities and decide upon a specific strategy or course of action. The development of a...

27 Aug 2012

Mezzanine's Approach to Customer Intimacy

Years ago at a conference, I heard a now-former publisher of Chatelaine talk about doing what she called a “tubside tour” with readers – actually going into their bathrooms an...

15 Aug 2012

First Steps toward Client Segmentation in B2B Marketing

You’ve got two customers? They’re the big one and the little one. As soon as you have more than one customer, you’re segmenting your client base. Often we find that our client...

06 Aug 2012

Put Down that iPad! Knowledge Comes from Conversation

In this 30 second video, Richard Grefé, Executive Director of AIGA, the professional association for designers in the US, talks about the fast pace of change and the exponenti...

20 Mar 2012
Marketing Consulting | 2 min read

Focus Can Help us Tackle Even the Most Wicked of Problems

What’s the big, un-solvable problem in your industry? In your business? Are the suppliers too entrenched, are the products too commoditized, are salaries too low to attract th...