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04 Jul 2016

5 Ways to Get A Killer LinkedIn Profile

With over 430 million LinkedIn users and growing, you want to make sure that yours meets the criteria to help you stand out. You will appear in more search results if your pro...

20 Jun 2016

What We Learned at the Art of Marketing Conference 2016

Our General Manager, Gayle Kosokowsky, attended the Art of Marketing conference in Toronto on June 14th.The Art of Marketing features five internationally renowned bestselling...

14 Jun 2016

Four Reasons Why Your Business Can’t Afford to Ignore Social Media

If you knew there was an industry networking event taking place with all your existing and future clients in attendance, would you go?   Well, guess what? You’re in luck. It’s...

17 Aug 2015

How to avoid making it to the #MarketingFail list

Social media can be your best friend and your worst enemy. It’s a double edged sword and needs to be wielded with care and respect. Though posts on social media have a relativ...

01 Jun 2015

How To Get Management Buy-In For Marketing

Last week, Mezzanine held its first ever "marketing speed dating" session. It was a huge success, with B2B execs from companies across the GTA taking part in the opportunity t...

04 May 2015
Social Media | 3 min read

How to Use Social Media for B2B Sales

Social media is becoming main-stream in many business-to-business industries. Learn what this means for your company and get a helpful overview of what social selling is, what...

03 Jul 2014

Social sales are the new cold-calls: Using social media as a B2B sales tool

In the B2B realm, social media has gotten a rather bad rap. Many are quick to dismiss a social media strategy as impractical for the industry or business category they fall in...

06 Feb 2014

Less is more for B2B social media marketing

Is your marketing plan saturated with social media endeavors? Take a hint from one of our favourite fashion icons and consider paring things down.

17 Oct 2013

How to use social media as an effective B2B marketing tool

Social media may not initially seem like the best marketing tool for a B2B company; however, there are a number of ways your company can leverage social media to increase webs...

10 Oct 2013

Become a Thought Leader – in 10 Easy Steps!

Sound too good to be true? Usually, it is. In this case, though, following the outline below and putting in some time will almost certainly allow you to become a thought leade...